america's christian heritage | Did America Have a Christian Founding?

america’s christian heritage

  • america’s christian heritage

    • WatchAmerica's Christian Heritage and the Church Today
    • WatchThe Morality of a Nation Impacts its Liberty.
    • WatchThe Library of Congress- Americas Christian Heritage
    • WatchUS Capitol Building- America's Christian Heritage
    • WatchForefathers Monument Tour - Monumental Movie.
    • WatchThe Consent of The Governed. The Origin and Importance of The Separation of Powers.
    • Watch"The Enemy is Ours! The Prayers of My Wife Are Answered." - Captain Perry
    • WatchThe Real Thanksgiving Story. Glory to God, the Author of Liberty!
    • WatchRichard Price, A DISCOURSE ON THE LOVE OF OUR COUNTRY - Political Sermons from the Founding Era.
    • WatchPastor Israel Evans- A SERMON DELIVERED AT THE ANNUAL ELECTION. Political Sermons, Founding era
    • WatchThe Bible is the Foundation of the Constitution
    • WatchProclaim Liberty to the Captives! A in-depth look at what the Bible says about Liberty.
    • WatchWhat the Bible Says About Civil Government - Old Testament Part 1
    • WatchThe Consequences of Removing Prayer from the Schools
    • WatchSo You Will Comprehend What Liberty Has Cost....
    • WatchDaniel Webster
    • WatchAitken Bible, endorsed by Congress for use in schools
    • WatchWilliam Bradford
    • WatchKirk Cameron talks about the Monumental Movie -Forefathers Monument
    • WatchConstitution of the United States
    • WatchThe story of our God given rights is the great missing link to restore our nation again!
    • WatchLocal Government and the Hebrew Republic -Part 4
    • WatchWhat Our Founding Fathers Learned From Ancient Israel
    • WatchThe Foundations of America- America and ancient Israel forever bound
    • WatchDan Williamson- Full message: The God ordained family
    • WatchThe Forefathers Monument Explained
    • WatchContrasting landmarks of a Nation
    • WatchForefathers Monument Explained. Will you allow America to lose its Liberty?
    • WatchWhat is the Rule of Law? "The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God." The Declaration of Independence.
    • WatchSilence Is Not Golden

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